A Guide to Heavy Commercial Architectural Windows

Heavy commercial architectural windows are found in various buildings both in low and high buildings. When the right style and materials are used, architectural windows can add interest and strength to commercial building facades while maintaining functionality.

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Architectural windows are popular throughout the country because they can accommodate several different architectural styles and at the same time are useful and functional additions to the structure. 

When choosing a heavy commercial window, the builder can adjust the color, size, shape, material, and hardware. This allows owners to easily preserve the historical appearance of their buildings or modernize and update their style. 

The possibility of adapting the design to local architectural features, combined with the ease of the latest manufacturing options, makes architecture windows an effective tool for building owners and business owners.


Wood is the most commonly used material for manufacturing heavy commercial architectural windows. Fiberglass is the most popular material for house windows which is not used because of their lower strength and inability to withstand building loads.

For buildings that need a natural and traditional look, wood is a good choice because of the variety of fibers, colors, and durability. Unlike other materials, wooden windows require a lot of care.

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