Different Carpet Cleaning Methods

There are different types of methods for cleaning carpets and a right must be chosen according to your carpet fibers. Hiring a professional cleaning service is the best way by which you can do the job. 

They are experts who will be able to identify the fibers and suggest the right kind of cleaning service. If you also want to get your carpets cleaned professionally then you can hire carpet cleaning services in Lasalle ON via https://www.foamfrenzy.com/carpet-cleaning-lasalle/.

The first and most common method is the technique in which the shampoo mat is spread with cleaning foam, which is then allowed to dry so that the residue remaining behind attracts any dirt, dust and debris embedded deep into the fibers. 

It is important that the right kind of shampoo is used for this process; some of the qualities of this agent should be that it should produce high levels of foam to reduce the amount of wetting and should also have a high lubricity to minimize damage to the fibers. 

The shampoo used for carpet cleaning should also dry to a non-sticky residue to prevent resoiling of the carpet or rug.

The other preferred method of cleaning carpets is the dry cleaning method wherein no water is used and so the carpet can be used as soon as the cleaning process is complete. 

A dry absorbent compound is applied on the carpet and a washing machine is used to ensure that the compound can reach the lower depths of the fibers and remove all kinds of dirt, dust and debris. 

A detergent can pre-projection also be used on heavy soiled and stained areas to ensure that the carpet is thoroughly clean.

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