How Can You Immigrate To Canada Under The Business Class Program?

There are three major categories that you can apply in Canada if you are immigrating to the business class program. Whichever category you apply you should contribute to the growth of the Canadian economy through the ownership and management of a company. 

The business class immigration program emboldens business individuals to migrate to Canada and make use of their business experience to good use, creating jobs, increasing wealth in both their business and the Canadian economy. For this process, immigrants can also get express entry Canada for better and permanent settlement over there.

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Three categories of Canadian business class are:


This is considered an extravagant path to take when migrating. Every year, Canada allows only 700 investors in the Federal Immigration Program investors. There will be no more open for this category. Investors willingly invest a huge amount of money in the Canadian economy and this investment will be supervised by CIC. The investment is endorsed by the Canadian departments that utilize the investment to create more jobs and grow their economy.


As of 1 July 2011, the Canadian immigration office stopped accepting applications for this category. It was closed until further notice so it can be a long wait.


In order to qualify as an independent immigrant, you will have for at least two years to be able to prove that you were independent and that you intend to help you with this type of work once you immigrate to Canada. You will also need to pass a medical, legal, and security control. There are three areas you can choose for self-employment are:

  • Cultural
  • Sport Activities
  • Purchase or manage a farm

The self-employed program does not have a minimum net worth that you must prove. However, you will be able to prove that you have enough income or savings to support yourself and your family while you settled and start working.

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