How to Create an Effective Marketing Campaign Using Direct Mailing

You cannot be a successful real estate investor if you do not have an effective marketing campaign. When it comes to looking for deals before your competitors come to specific techniques you use. If you invest in pre-foreclosure market, your letter is your lifeline.

A person is considered in the pre-foreclosure when they usually 3-4 payments behind on their mortgage and the bank has started the foreclosure process them. These documents continue to file as a public record. As you may already know, you need this lead. You can choose best direct mail services from various online sources.

These people receive a ton of mail from debt collectors so it is important that they see the email I sent. The first part of this letter was sent in a bright red envelope. I also hand-write the address and return address on the envelope to create a piece of my more personal letter. This greatly increases the chances of me having the homeowner opened my mail.

After the first part of the letter sent me did not stop there. I sent a letter four additional pieces. Each part of the letter sent out at a specific time. Every seven to ten days they will receive another letter. The highest response rate I've noted is derived from the first or second piece of mail. This happens for several reasons. First of all, there are two types of personality when you are dealing with people in pre-foreclosure.

There are people motivated and there were people in denial. If a person is motivated to solve their financial problems when they will get back to you when you offer them a solution. This is the best leads you can get. There are also people who will take a long time to respond to you. This is why the need to mail a letter to them constantly.

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