How to Get Rid of a Lazy Eye

Amblyopia is developed usually in children and it might not get detected until you get older. But the early detection of a lazy eye is very important. One type of amblyopia is when the brain interprets a blurry image of an eye. People with this condition actually do not see a blurred image because only the dominant hand is used to create images.

Another condition is known as amblyopia strabismic when two eyes are not aligned. They can be turned into, out of, or squint. In this condition the dominant eye does not create the right image.

Amblyopia can be repaired and must be corrected at an early age if possible. There are various treatments for Lazy Eye. This can be cured by putting a patch on the eye that will force the lazy eye to work and focus. Eye drops are also there which can be used to blur the vision of the healthy eye so that the lazy eye should try to work. 

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Lazy eye can be corrected by wearing glasses as well and there are several laser operations to cure it. There is also a lazy eye vision therapy that contains eye exercises to improve vision.

The most important thing is that the lazy eye is not something you develop as an adult but it's the result of what is disturbing the developments in both eyes between birth and age 6.

A total of 6% of children have some sort of amblyopia. In most cases it can only be detected through an eye examination by a specialist. If not detected at that age, you will only discover it when you're an adult.

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