Mapping Land Companies and 3D Technology, Working Together in Surveying

Mapping land company utilizing 3D technology to deliver impressive record or view your project site, either using LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) or aerial photographs. digital survey including organizing and collecting data from remote sensing of the earth's surface, which is structured into raster and / or vector file that can be viewed using the appropriate software. If you are looking for lidar technology firms then make an online search.

The key role of a 3D surface in the survey is to produce precision aerial map illustration, which provide exact representation of the earth's surface, and for use in various purposes.

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For example, 3D mapping used in mining for the development of extractive rainfall records, or to assess after a forest fire.

Such a survey to be higher and the dynamic use of 3D laser scanner in the survey became common. 3D was introduced in 1998 for the collection of data for different purposes. introduced a revolution in the survey via Global Positioning System (GPS), which provides elevation and spatial data for planning and putting the construction project. A huge demand for 3D technology is growing over the years as an environmental soil survey and archeology as well use it.

Before any advanced technologies available, the traditional techniques used in surface mapping. In addition to the scarcity of means, surveyors used conventional methods are expensive, which is manual and time consuming. 3D surveys provide spatial data without any constraints, in a short time automatically.

laser scanner utilizes conventional forms of light, such as stripes, to produce a 3D model of the site. The image is then cleaned through a 3D scanner that produces high-definition model information with the smallest deviation, which is required by the architect or engineer.

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