SMP(Scalp Micropigmentation) – The Best Hair Growth Treatment

Scalp micropigmentation is a non-invasive hair growth treatment that is done with the micro blades to fill pigment on the scalp.

SMP is a safe and painless procedure to treat hair loss related issues. It creates the appearance of short and fuller hair. If you want a permanent solution for your hair loss problems, you may visit


The benefits of scalp micropigmentation:

It is an ideal and permanent solution for those who suffer from excessive hair loss and want an illusion of thicker hair on the bald scalp. 

It is an affordable hair growth treatment. Its average price falls between $1500 to $ 3000. It lasts for 3 to 4 years which is reasonable according to its price. 

It is a safe treatment that does not hurt your skin and cause much irritation and swelling on the scalp. After the treatment procedure, you will be provided with lotions and cream to heal the treated areas.

It is a fast hair growth procedure that takes a few sessions and every session takes hardly 45 to 60 minutes to be done. It is a simple treatment that is done with some basic and hygiene equipment. A handheld tool with microneedles is used to deposit ink into the layer of the skin.

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