Things you Need to Know About Glass Floor Tiles

Glass floors are recently new in the market and become popular because they have very good and sophisticated designs. What is great about the glass floor tiles is that they use light to enhance the way they look. 

Glass Raised Access Floor (Also known as “ พื้นยกแก้ว “ in the Thai Language) maximizes the brightness of a room by reflecting light instead of absorbing them scatter light on the floor. This effect changes the whole atmosphere of your room.

It is important to note a few things from the installation, maintenance and other security measures. After all, you might hurt yourself from glass fragments produced by a particular tile.

During installation, you need to see the cracks on the suspension membrane. If you can see them, you have to put adhesive on them. You also need to ensure that no air is trapped beneath the tiles otherwise it will weaken the tiles over time.

The question now that you put it is that it will support the weight of the traffic? Just as ceramic tiles, special tiles will destroy after they were charged by a sudden impact. 

However, if you just step on them, they will not break because they are made to support a person’s weight not unless you jump on it. When it comes to scratch, there are now textured tiles to prevent scratches from being visible on the tile.

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