What is the short foot exercise?

There are many exercises which might be used as part of the recovery of foot . The purpose of these exercises are usually to strengthen and stretch muscles as well as mobilise the joints. These are among the many tools which foot specialists make use of to deal with a variety of foot conditions. One exercise which has been getting a lot of recent interest is one known as the short foot exercise. This exercise is done standing and the muscles in the arch of the foot are contracted for you to shorten the foot. This is believed to strengthen the arch of the foot. If you consider some of the unsupported claims online concerning this exercise, it could cure almost anything that can go wrong with the foot, which is obviously incorrect.

The major problem using this exercise is the fanaticism and firm belief that so many believe that it might deal with so many of the problems that may go wrong with the foot, when there exists actually virtually no research evidence that it is useful for any foot problems. Just proclaiming that the short foot exercise is helpful and expecting that is it does not make it so. That's the logical fallacy of wishful thinking. For that short foot exercise to work it takes time to improve the strength. Lots of conditions improve after a while, so there is not any way of knowing if people got better solely because of this natural history or because the short foot exercise does actually work. That does not indicate that there is anything wrong with the exercise and that it shouldn't be used. It could be that the exercise is a very useful and helpful one. It simply means that the clinical studies have not been carried out and excessive belief should not be put in any therapy that does not have scientific research to support its use. Of course continue to use the short foot exercise, but apply it in the context of these problems that are widely known about it.

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